Global reach... local experience

ROCG Sydney provides businesses and individuals with unique access to global resources, coupled with local expertise.


About our broader network,  ROCG Asia Pacific

With unique access to both global resources and localised service, ROCG Asia Pacific is big enough to provide you with the specialised service you need and small enough to care.

ROCG Asia Pacific is a part of ROCG Global, connecting a whole host of industry specialists from around the globe at your disposal. However, unlike large corporate financial firms, we operate via local branches, so we’re on the ground with you, providing local market knowledge and one-on-one, face-to-face service.

Local experience

ROCG has been servicing Sydney businesses and individuals for over XX years, ensuring our team has a thorough understanding of the local market place.

Global reach

What sets ROCG Sydney apart from other local accounting firms is our access to a global network of industry specialists and market expertise. With firms across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, the resources are endless.

We deliver

by adopting and fully embracing a collaborative approach to our clients’ business issues to achieve impact through genuine insight.

We perform

with organisations across the globe, with business enterprises in every industry. We do it by adopting and fully embracing a collaborative and dynamic approach to our client’s business requirements.

We know our business

collectively our principals have hundreds of years of consulting experience with clients across a wide range of industries. And we use our experience to help our clients solve complex business problems.

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